Simeone came strange to praise the King of the strong team

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Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has hailed Real Madrid as a “great team” ahead of the two sides’ duel tonight.

Atletico are opening their home against the White King in the Madrid derby on the La Liga stage tonight. With Rojiblancos hoping to win to climb up the ranks. While Los Blancos need three points. To reclaim the leader of the crowd from Barcelona

Simeone gave an interview before the game on Saturday. At one point praising the city’s “great team”. Which combines the young stars with the senior core of the ufabet club

“Real has a very special team with young players in transition and senior players. Who have performed at a high level for many years,” the Argentine said.

“They are a really good team. And they are used to playing to win. They have a great team. We have to play in a way that manages and stirs them up. Play the game we love.”

For the latest work that Atleti copes with the White King in their own home.

End in a 1-0 victory of the first side last May

The derby is always a special game. It’s a meeting between two great teams and we can’t wait for kick-off. I want to really thank the fans. Tomorrow it’s about going all out, he added.

The former Bayern Munich superstar also hail Real Madrid’s good start to the season. Adding: “We’ve started the season strongly and have to keep working hard to achieve many things. We’re not looking back and are only looking forward.”

“We’ve got some great facilities at Real Madrid City and work really hard, both on the pitch and in the gym. That explains why we’re all in such good shape.

“We’re working together as a team, from the forwards to the defenders. We did really well last season and have to work just as hard as we did last season,” he said.