Roma Slot Highlights

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As said Roma Straight Web Slots There is a distinctive feature that is different from other slot games, the highlight of which is the features and special help that will lead investors to make full profits. With these special helpers, there will be some interesting things, let’s have a look.

Bonus Combo

It is the highlight that is known as the highlight of the Roma slot game ufabet that has it all. because of this combo bonus It doesn’t include a scatter or free spins, but a separate combo. to return profits to players In which the combo must occur according to the game’s 15 predetermined lines, whichever line will get the same combo. The bonus combo Roma slot game is as follows.

  • 4 combo bonuses, 4 free spins
  • 5 Combo Bonus, 5 Free Spins
  • 6 combos get 10 free spins
  • and 7 combo bonuses, 20 free spins.

Wild Symbol

It is a special symbol. That can be substituted for any symbol in the game, except the Scatter. Wild Symbol is consider as a helper that allows players to get more money from their bets.

Play Lines

is a line or game style with a total of 15 patterns as the winning direction, counting from left to right. There must be 2 or more identical symbols and a maximum of 5 squares in order to win the game in that round.

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