How to finish the game or “knock”

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When one of the players draws a card or collecting cards from the middle. And arrange all the sets or “deposit” and must have only one card left in the hand. It is deem that the player is “knock out” by the player showing all the cards in their hand. And turn the last card face down

If no player can knock it out. until the cards are exhausted from the draw pile is the player drawing the last card and discard one card on the center and the next player cannot collect a card from the pot to knock. will be considered ufabet game over

Each player counts points from the set that has already been place.  In the next game, the knocked player will start the game. Play dummy cards well.

card points

  • Type 1 is cards 2♠2 ♥ 2 ♦ /3♠3 ♥ 3 ♦ 3♣/4♠4 ♥ 4 ♦ 4♣/5♠5 ♥ 5 ♦ 5♣/6♠6 ♥ 6 ♦ 6♣/ 7♠. 7 ♥ 7 ♦ 7♣ 8♠8 ♥ 8 ♦ 8♣/9♠9 ♥ 9 ♦ 9♣ is worth 5 points each.
  • Type 2 is a card 10♠10 ♥ 10 ♦ 10/J♠J ♥ J ♦ J♣/Q ♥ Q ♦ Q♣/K♠K ♥ K ♦ K♣, each card is worth 10 points.
  • Type 3 is A♠A ♥ A ♦ A♣, every color is worth 15 points.
  • The 4th type is the spate 2♣ clubs and Q♠ spades with the highest value, 50 points.

Vocabulary for playing dummy cards

card collection

Players can collect cards from a central pot only. If they can bring cards from that pot to immediately arrange them into a suit. (At least three cards in a rank or triple suit). And the player must have at least one card in their hand. That will be combine with the card they collect. Players collect by starting with the cards to be put into the set and collecting until the last card. And that suit must be place face up on the table immediately. Any other suitable suit or deposit (see “Deposit” below) collect can also be place by the Player.

For example, in the pot there are 7 ♥  K ♦  3♠ 8♣ J ♦  10♠, respectively, Player B has a card Q ♦  in his hand, collecting cards from K ♦  down to 10♠ and must reveal the suit of cards J ♦  Q ♦ .  K ♦  immediately landed on the table. All other cards collected must also be picked up in your hand. and if there is another set of cards or a deposit in the hand It can also be put down before discarding one card on the pot.

to eat

When a player collects a card from the pot for the first time and exposes that suit to the table. Subsequently, the cards that have been open. Whether the suit or the deposit You can no longer swap out outfits or put them back in your hand. Play dummy cards well.

Players will not be able to open cards that have been match or deposited from their hand. Only until that player is “born”.

The benefit of birth is Players will not be “Dark Removed” (see “Dark Removal” below), and their set of cards and deposits placed will be counted as points. and do not have to be deducted points at the end of the game


A deposit is connect at least one card (deposit card) from the suit that has already place on the table. Whether it is a set of other players. For example, if Player A places a card of 8♣ 9♣ 10♣ J♣ on the table. Player C will be entitle to deposit Q♣ (or also 6♣ 7♣) by placing those cards. Down when it’s Player C’s turn. If Player C. deposits by placing 7♣ down, other players can continue to deposit 6♣ as well. But if at any time a QKA card occurs, 2 or 3 cards cannot be deposit.

Another example, if Player A puts a set of 9 9 9 on the table. Any player with the remaining 9 cards can also deposit when it’s their turn.

A deposit can only be place if it is the turn of the player. Who has the deposit card and if the player has already “born”. Or can hold the deposit card in their hand until the end of the game.

If the deposit slip to be placed can be deposited from two sets It must be described from which suit to deposit. For example, if there is a line of cards 6♣ 7♣ 8♣ and triple set 9 ♥  9 ♦  9♠, the player who will deposit 9♣ must determine which suit to deposit. (because if depositing a series of 6♣ 7♣ 8♣, other players will have the right to continue depositing 10♣)

dark knock

If any player is able to “knock” without being “born” at all, it is drawn from the draw pile only. or collecting cards from the pot and immediately “knocked” without being “born” before, that player is considered “dark knock”, where the score of the dark knocker in that game will be doubled.

Color Knock

If a player is able to knock by all cards and deposit cards are the same suit. For example, Player A gets knocked out with 3 ♥  4 ♥  5 ♥  6 ♥  and 9 ♥  10 ♥  J ♥  Q ♥  and a knockout of Player A gets doubled in that game.

If a player is also a dark knockout (Color Dark Knockout), the score is 4 times.

dark removal

Dark removal (also known as “falling” or roasting) means. That if a player has not yet been “born” (not collecting any cards from the pot). And the other player “knocks” or has all cards from the pile. Draw without anyone “knocking” that player will be darken. The game score will be double negative. is all the points held in the hand. Including being deduct points in various cases. Such as discarding stupid, discarding Mimi, discarding full. Discarding phi or being deposit in the spato (Read about these rules below)

stupid dump

Player A who discards a card to the midfield and Player B. collects the card that Player A. has drop and knocks out, called Player A. “Discard stupid” causing Player B to knock in the game. Play g. Stupid dumps must be minus 50 points, and in subsequent games repeat until another stupid dump is played.