Hair Drug Tests and Detox Shampoos

After being hired many employers require employees to submit to drug testing. The thought of failing a drug test can be agonizing as it can lead to job termination. Therefore, to help employees pass drug tests many methods have been improvised. One of these methods is detox shampoo which can help an individual pass a hair follicle drug test. Hair follicle drug test comprises of analyzing of a hair follicle for signs of illegal drug use and abuse of prescription medications. The test detects an outline of repetitive drug use over the last 90 days. The chemicals from the drugs that end up in your circulation become part of the hair cells as your hair grows. A hair drug test is almost impossible to cheat nevertheless it is possible with shampoo detox.

How to make Detox shampoo work

After getting the drug test notice you have to start using the detox shampoo for at least 15 times before the test. To be on the track you can take up to four showers a day. On the other hand, make sure your hair is well soaped for ten to fifteen minutes before washing off. The hair detox test shampoo works by covering the hair with a carbon-based film like a conditioner. As soon as it dissolves, the residual left by the shampoo is at liberty to interrelate with the nicotine or drug metabolites, which had been locked in in the hair follicle, concealing the contaminants. For the detox to be successful it must flush out THC or other drugs from your system completely. It unwraps the outmost hair filament level recognized as the cuticle and leaves the cortex bare. Meanwhile, the toxins located within the cortex and into the shaft itself are removed by the constituents of the shampoo. The reason why by the time you are washing your hair all smidgens of drugs have been stamped out. Additionally, the hair growth rate is approximately 5 inches per month. Hence, the reason why toxic metabolites are tested from the shaft core.

Toxic drug metabolites

When drugs get into the body they are chemically altered. Therefore, a drug metabolite is a byproduct of the body metabolizing. Everybody metabolizes drugs the same way and that is why it is possible for people to use similar detoxification procedures. Generally, the presence of a metabolite is a clue that a person misused or abused a particular drug. Since some metabolites stay in the body for an extended period of time paralleled to the parent drug. Then the prospects of identifying a drug user by observing the metabolites of the drug are great.

Cocaine metabolizes into benzoylecgonine, Nicotine into cotinine, whereas THC is the active ingredient in marijuana which breaks down into several metabolites with long chemical names. Drug metabolites are assimilated into the milieu of hair, so hair samples are responsible for a measure of long-term use. The chief goal of drug metabolism is to make simpler a drug emission by increasing its water solubility. For that reason, the more you wash your hair with shampoo the more you get rid of toxic metabolites.