Artificial Urine Drug Testing

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Can a drug test be passed?

There are many hearsay methods that people try to use to beat drug tests. Some of them work while a lot of them do not actually work. If you know there is a likelihood that you would be taking a drug test in the nearest future, it is best to stop taking marijuana now.

When you allow enough time to pass for your system to eliminate the THC in it, it gives you the opportunity to pass your drug test without looking for alternatives. Sometimes, you may find out that you have a short notice to pass a drug test. In such situation, even after stopping the marijuana, there may still be traced in the body.

Everybody reacts to marijuana differently, and so it may take a longer time for it to wear out in some people while others might not have any problems with it. The type of method or technique you use to pass a drug test depends on if your test will be supervised or not.

You can try to do a detox, get a fake pee or even mask your urine with diuretics. The most important thing is getting a good product and especially one that yields positive results because you only get one chance to do the drug test. There isn’t much time to start trying out different strategies that will work.

What methods don’t work?  

There is a misconception that taking some of these products will help you pass a drug test.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice alone cannot achieve this. Although it is a common diuretic, it has shown that even when it is used to mask THC, the tests come out as inconclusive. One would have to take the drug test again.


Also, herbs like goldenseal which is extremely bitter have no effect on THC. It will end up hurting your stomach especially if you consume a lot of it and the tests will still be inconclusive.


Some people believe that when niacin is consumed with goldenseal, it will rid help the body get rid of toxins. This will work to some extent, but it does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. There is no actual guarantee that all the THC will be removed from your system. It cannot help to pass a drug test. The results will be inconclusive, and you would have to take the test again.

Other home remedies that are also false include the use of bleach, vinegar, sure-jell, creatine pills, zinc, etc. These remedies do not work and will not help in any way to pass a drug test. Nothing is better than using a synthetic urine kit. They will show results as inconclusive and can easily be rejected on sight. The urine will show that it has been altered by merely looking at it or smelling it. Also, there are claims that herbal teas help to get rid of toxins in the body. Most of these products have not been medically proven, and it cannot be held to be a reliable way to get rid of THC in your system.